Brave Conversations Melbourne

Monday May 21 - Tuesday May 22 2019

Philanthropy is, quite literally, phil-anthropos, the love of humanity.

It is about working together to create a better future for all of humanity, and those we share this planet with.

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Event Information

Monday May 20 & Tuesday May 21 2019
8.30am - 5pm

Experience Lab 1,2,3
Telstra HQ
242 Exhibition St
Melbourne VIC 3000

This event runs for two days with participants expected to attending both days in full.

The schedule will run from 8.30am - 5pm and include a light lunch and refreshments.

Drinks will be arranged for Monday afternoon at a venue nearby for the opportunity to continue the brave conversations.


Organising Committee

Patricia Burke, Philanthropy Australia
Nick Byrne, Type Human
Bel Campbell, Intersticia and Smart Humans
George Crones, Philanthropy Australia
Leanne Fry, Smart Humans
Kelsie Nabeen, Type Human
Anni Rowland-Campbell, Intersticia